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Ayutthaya Ayutthaya
Ayutthaya is undoubtedly one of the most culturally and historically interesting towns within easy reach of Bangkok. Accessible by rail, river and road Thailand’s former capital is a must on any travel itinerary. The superb temples and monuments of this great city have been lovingly restored in Ayut... More

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Bangkok Bangkok
Bangkok has a feast of attractions to offer. The city is dotted with 400 glittering Buddhist temples of great beauty and fascination, magnificent palaces, classical dance extravaganzas, numerous shopping centres and traditional ways of life, especially along the "Venice of the East" timeless canals ... More

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Cha Am Cha Am
Cha Am is a district in the southern part of Phetchaburi province, central Thailand. With an area of about 3000 km² the Kaeng Krachan National Park is Thailand largest national park, covering nearly half of the province. It protects mostly rainforests in the mountains along the boundary to Myanmar,... More

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Chanthaburi Chanthaburi
Chantaburi may be better known as the city of fruits than a beach destination but that does not mean the city's attractions are less appealing than any other place in Thailand. Blessed with fertile land, this coastal city does not only have tranquil sandy beaches for weekend but also verdant nationa... More

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Chiang Mai Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai is the largest and most culturally significant city in northern Thailand, and is the capital of Chiang Mai Province. The city stands on the Ping river, a major tributary of the Chao Phraya river. Chiang Mai has become an increasingly modern city, although it lacks the cosmopolitan gloss o... More

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Chiang Rai Chiang Rai
Chiang Rai is the most northern province of Thailand, today is a travelers paradise endowed with abundant natural tourist attractions and antiquities; the province itself is evidence of past civilization. Attractions range from magnificent mountain scenery, ruins of ancient settlements, historic sit... More

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Chonburi Chonburi
The coast of Chonburi is as long as 160 kilometres; its most popular beaches are Bang Saen, Pattaya, Jomtien, and some beaches in Sattahip district. Perhaps unknown to many visitors, Chonburi has as many as 46 islands in its precinct. Although only a handful of islands are open to tourism, they all ... More

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Chumphon Chumphon
Chumphon is a sea coast city parallel to the Gulf of Thailand. It is the gateway to other southern provinces. Along more than 200 kilometres of Chumphons seashore, there are many beautiful and picturesque beaches. Still maintaining the natural beauty, the province is best for those who seek relaxati... More

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Hat Yai Hat Yai
Hat Yai. It is a big commercial hub of southern Thailand with more than 150,000 populations living in the city.The city has a large number of hotels. It is a centre of communication, transportation and entertainment with shopping malls, coffee shops, bars and restaurants scattering the town. The cit... More

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Hua Hin Hua Hin
Today, Hua Hin is a well-established beach destination with word-class facilities coupled with a true sense of Thai hospitality. Despite its expansive growth and development as a luxurious destination, the splendor of Hua Hin remains intact. Remaining content in itself, Thailand's oldest seaside res... More

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Kamphaengphet Kamphaengphet
This small northern province and its ancient capital receive few visitors but make a fascinating addition to any tour of the lower-north of Thailand.Kamphaeng Phet is steeped in history. In days gone by the town acted as an important frontline of defence for the nearby kingdom of Sukhothai. Evidence... More

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Kanchanaburi Kanchanaburi
The magnificent landscape and charming beauty of Kanchanaburi have resulted in major tourist attractions including several well-known waterfalls, caves which were once inhabited by Neolithic man, pristine national parks, tranquil rivers, virgin forests, and reservoir. Together, they offer an intrigu... More

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Khao Yai Khao Yai
Khorat has an abundance of natural attractions in its forests, hills, wildlife and waterfalls that are easily accessible in locations such as Khao Yai National Park. It lies largely in Nakhon Ratchasima Province (Khorat), but also includes parts of Saraburi, Prachinburi and Nakhon Nayok provinces. I... More

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Khon Kaen Khon Kaen
Khon Kaen is the commercial, administrative an educational centre of the Northeast, which is often used by travelers as a base for visiting many parts of upper Isan. Khon Kaen is the centre of the northeastern silk industry with numerous villages producing their own mudmee designs. Chonnabot is note... More

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Koh Chang Koh Chang
Most of the scenic beaches and bays are on the west side spreading from the north to the south they include Ao Khlong Son , Hat Sai Khao , Hat Khlong Phrao and Hat Kai Bae. A road cuts through the western shore almost reaching Hat Kai Bae where there is a nature trail passing through Ao Bai Lan and ... More

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Koh Kood Koh Kood
Its natural features include mountains and plains where many streams originate and become waterfalls. One famous waterfall is Nam Tok Khlong Chao, which flows throughout the year and is an ideal place for swimming as it is comprised of 3 tiers; of which the upper two tiers are running streams and th... More

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Koh Phangan Koh Phangan
Koh Phangan is an island off the eastern Gulf coast of Thailand, halfway between the islands of Ko Samui and Ko Tao. It is known as a land of coconut trees and another ideal destination for travelers who prefer less crowded, more private beaches set in a laid-back atmosphere. However, this is also a... More

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Koh Samet Koh Samet
Ko Samet offers extensive pristine beaches with clean white sand and strangely shaped rocks. A haven for relaxation, this T-shaped island is a perfect retreat for those looking for sun, sand and sea. The climate is always pleasantly cool with an abundance of rain in August and windy monsoons in May.... More

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Koh Samui Koh Samui
Ko Samui is Thailand's second largest island (229km² - only Phuket covers a greater area) and all in all a fairly big place. The most popular and commercialized beaches are Chaweng and Lamai, while the northern beaches and their adjacent villages of Mae Nam, Bophut, Bang Ruk (Big Buddha) and Choeng ... More

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Koh Tao Koh Tao
A small isolated island situated 45 kilometers to the north of Ko Pha-ngan, Ko Tao was once used as a prison for instigators of the Bavordet coup. The island is famous for its rich sea coral reefs and inhabitants and secluded beaches set in a laid-back atmosphere. Ideal for snorkeling and diving, th... More

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Krabi Krabi
Krabi is the location of two world class beaches Ao Nang and Hat Rai Le which offer numerous diving trips, restaurants, shops etc. Additional attractions in the province are stunning limestone cliffs and rock formations which make it a heaven for rock climbers and a National Park located approximate... More

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Lampang Lampang
The neighbouring province of Chiangmai, Lampang is located in the mountain terrain within the river valley of the Wang River. It is famed for producing fine ceramic products. For tourists, this is the only place in Thailand where you can tour the city on a horse-drawn carriage.The horse will take yo... More

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Lamphun Lamphun
Lamphun has the legendary dated back by about 1,400 years.This ancient town was formerly called Hariphunchai.The first ruler was Queen Chamthewi who was of Mon extraction. In late 12th century, King Mengrai overran the town and later on integrated it into the Lanna Kingdom.Lamphun city is only 26 km... More

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Loei Loei
Loei is a province of great beauty with rolling hills covered by lush forest cover and valley floors carpeted with rice fields. Culturally the rural province of Loei is an interesting blend of north and northeastern influences and has managed to retain much of its special traditions and character. L... More

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Mae Hong Son Mae Hong Son
MAE HONG SON is nestled in a deep valley hemmed in by high mountain ranges, Mae Hong Son has long been isolated from the outside world. Virtually covered with mist throughout the year, the name refers to the fact that is terrain is highly suitable for the training of elephants.... More

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Mukdahan Mukdahan
Mukdahan is a quiet province bordering the mighty Mekong River. Established by Laos migrants during the Ayutthaya period, this rural area of the northeast has some beautiful scenery and an interesting mix of cultures and traditions.Mukdahan sits 170 kilometres north of Ubon Ratchathani and just acro... More

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Nakhon Phanom Nakhon Phanom
Nakhon Phanom itself is a rather unremarkable provincial town and due to its distance from Bangkok receives few visitors. It does, however, benefit from spectacular views of the Mekong River and the mountains in neighbouring Laos. Due to its border locatio... More

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Nakhon Si Thammarat Nakhon Si Thammarat
Nakhon Si Thammarat was once the centre of Buddhism in southern Thailand during the Srivijaya period in the 3rd century. The evidence is shown in many temples in the city.Thailand's nielloware industry flourishes in Nakhon Si Thammarat where it originated. You may wish to explorer the magnificent su... More

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Nakhonratchasima Nakhonratchasima
Nakhon Ratchasima, generally known as "Khorat", is Thailand's largest province situated on sprawling northeast plateau.The city itself serves as the gateway to the lower I-San region. It is currently the main transportation, industrial and economic hub of the Northeast. Khorat boasts one of the fine... More

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Nakornnayok Nakornnayok
Nakhon Pathom is known as one of Thailand’s oldest cities. Today evidence of its glorious past may be hard to find but the city still makes for an interesting day-trip.The province features an ancient religious structure called "Phra Pathom Chedi", the first religious landmark that signified the inf... More

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Nakornpathom Nakornpathom
Nakhon Pathom is known as one of Thailand’s oldest cities. Today evidence of its glorious past may be hard to find but the city still makes for an interesting day-trip.The province features an ancient religious structure called "Phra Pathom Chedi", the first religious landmark that signified the inf... More

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Nong Khai Nong Khai
Nong Khai is a long thin province running along the Mekong River, providing the main access to Laos. Originally people went by boat from Tha Sadet, but the building of the Friendship Bridge across the Mekong has made Nong Khai a major centre for transport and trade with Laos.Vientiane, the capital o... More

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Nonthaburi Nonthaburi
Just on the outskirt of bustling Bangkok, more ambling life and traditional lifestyle can be seen. Nontaburi, north of Bangkok is pleasant for a day-trip. People's lifestyle that closely relates to river and canals is fascinating experience to admire.... More

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Pattaya Pattaya
Pattaya has emerged as the favorite Southeast Asian vacation center. A fascinating escape where tourists, holiday makers and vacationers from around the world unfold an incomparable array of possibilities to unwind during an exotic holiday beach vacation. Unlike other beach resorts, where natural su... More

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Phang Nga Phang Nga
Phang-nga's andaman coast offers parks of a different kind. The island groups of Surin and Similan are renowned for their beautiful unspoilt beaches and spectacular underwater scenery, attracting divers from around the world. Most famous is Ao Phang-nga National Park, a geological wonder filled wit... More

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Phetchabun Phetchabun
Phetchabun is a province with rich tourism potential. Its climate is pleasant due to the mountainous and forested areas and it has a history of richness and prosperity for more than 1,400 years. As and Sukhothai styles have been discovered. It is divided into the following districts: Muang, Lom Sak,... More

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Phetchaburi Phetchaburi
Phetchaburi is well known for its splendid historical park, ancient temples, wonderful beaches and caves, as well as a great variety of local and fresh seafood. Phetchaburi also has a popular resort town, Cha-am which is the premier beach resort in the province.... More

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Phitsanulok Phitsanulok
Phitsanulok is undeniably an important hub and an ideal base for travelers wishing to explore the lower North and western Northeast. Phitsanulok, however, is not just a stopover for tourists, but is a province with promising tourism opportunities.... More

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Phuket Phuket
Phuket has a lot more to offer its visitors other than its natural heritage sea, sand, sky, beach, forest, and world renowned diving sites. Sino-Portuguese architecture casts its spell delighting travelers to the city, while Phuket-style hospitality has never failed to impress visitors from all walk... More

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Prachinburi Prachinburi
The rural province of Prachinburi sits halfway between Bangkok and the Cambodian border, with the northwestern corner forming part of Khao Yai National Park. Prachinburi is in fact home to several impressive national parks, including Thap Lan and Pang Sida, which together form one of the largest pro... More

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Prachuap Khiri Khan Prachuap Khiri Khan
The provincial capital is a fishing port with a superb location beside beautiful curving bays and amongst steep mountain outcrops. About 100 kilometres to the north of Prachuap Khiri Khan is Hua Hin, Thailand's first beach resort which is renowned for golf and spa. Between Hua Hin and Prachuap Khi... More

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Ranong Ranong
Despite being a small province, Ranong is abundant with natural attractions; the sea, islands, mountains, forests, waterfalls, mangroves forests. Yet, it is barely known among overseas tourists. This lush and rainy province bordering southern Myanmar, Ranong has among its attractions hot springs and... More

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Ratchaburi Ratchaburi
Situated on the banks of the Mae Klong River the town of Ratchaburi, also know locally as Rat’buri, dates back to the early Dvaravati period. This large and busting riverside town lies about 80 kilometres west of Bangkok making it an ideal destination for ... More

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Rayong Rayong
Covering a total area of 3,552 square kilometers, Rayong borders Chonburi Province on the north and the west, the Gulf of Thailand on the south, and Chantaburi Province on the east. Most of the land is marked by a series of mountains interspersed by flat plains and large tracts of forest and fruit p... More

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Sakon Nakhon Sakon Nakhon
Sakon Nakhon is a beautiful province in the upper northeast and encompasses the Phu Phan mountain range. The provincial capital is a busy town and makes a good base for exploring this interesting and little visited part of Thailand.Sakon Nakhon is the second most important commercial centre in the u... More

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Samut Songkhram Samut Songkhram
Samut Songkhram is just 72 kilometres from Bangkok making it an excellent destination for a one day excursion from Bangkok.Samut(Songkhram Is Thailand) 's smallest province, covering just of 416 square kilometres. The province is well irrigated and as a result intensely agricultural. The area is ren... More

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Samutprakarn Samutprakarn
The original settlement at Samut Prakan dates from the Ayutthaya period and the city name which means ‘ocean wall’ refers to a former defensive fort in the area. Today Samut Prakan is a popular day trip destination for people from Bangkok, offering several well-known attractions including the world’... More

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Saraburi Saraburi
Saraburi Province lies to the east of the Chao Praya River, 108 kilometres from Bangkok and consists mainly of flat plains and plateaus. Although the area has a rich history, today the provincial capital is little more than a busy industrial centre. However, the area is home to two national parks an... More

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Satun Satun
Satun is a small but attractive province, also the southernmost province of Thailand on the west coast bordering Malaysia. Like the neighbouring province of Krabi, Satun is a truly explorer´s wonderland.Most of the area in Satun is mountainous, full of forest, wildlife, colourful corals and be... More

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Sisaket Sisaket
Noted for its numerous Khmer- style religious temples scattered all over the province.Sisaket is one of the most well-known destinations in northeastern Thailand, with its location about 571 kilometers from Bangkok. The province is located in the valley of the Mun river, a tributary of the Mekong. I... More

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Songkhla Songkhla
The city of Songkhla today is a simple country town compared with the hustle and bustle of Hay Yai. Even so, there are museums and archaeological and historical sites. Many parks grace the center of the city. The beaches facing the Gulf of Thailand, especially those Laem Samila show another aspect... More

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Sukhothai Sukhothai
Located in the lower part of northern Thailand, Sukhothai, which literally means the "Dawn of Happiness", is really a peaceful town. Historically, this is the site of the first capital of Thailand and One of the most beautiful Loy Krathong Festival.b The Sukhothai Historical Park is the main attract... More

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Surat Thani Surat Thani
The southern commercial centre of Surat Thani offers little for the casual visitor but it is only a short journey by ferry to the beautiful islands of Koh Samui and Koh Pa-Ngan,there is also a lively nightlife on the island. The nearby city of Chaiya, one of Thailand's oldest cities is worth a day t... More

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Surin Surin
Surin is a big province on Mun River Basin in Lower Northeast of Thailand. It is well known, locally and international, for its elephant. The gigantic animal of Surin impresses everyone with loveliness, cleverness and creates unique character of the province. Surin people have long relationship with... More

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Tak Tak
Tak nestles in the river basin in the northwestern end of Thailand and has mountainous borders with Myanmar. The city has mountainous terrains with lush jungles boasting several adventure activities such as whitewater rafting, trekking and camping.Tak is considered one of the oldest towns in norther... More

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Trang Trang
Trang Province is truly an emerging fascinating tourist destination with numerous jungles, mountains and waterfalls.The City also has numerous attractions. Walking around Trang City, visitors will be amazed at the mixture of Western, Chinese and Thai cultures reflected in the architecture that range... More

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Trat Trat
Trat Province is in Eastern Thailand , and shares borders with Chanthaburi Province, with Cambodia, and with the Gulf of Thailand. Most travellers will use Trat as an access point to Koh Chang it is Thailand's second largest island, and the biggest in Ko Chang National Park, Koh Kood the island is a... More

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Ubon Ratchathani Ubon Ratchathani
Ubon Ratchathani, or Ubon as it is affectionately known, is the major commercial and agricultural centre of the lower northeast. The province lies 630 kilometres from Bangkok and borders the Mekong River.The area has a long and turbulent history and has at various periods in time been ruled by the K... More

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Udon Thani Udon Thani
Udon Thani is a major trading centre for northern Issan and although the city itself has little to offer visitors it makes a good base from which to explore Thailand´s fascinating prehistoric cultural sites.Udon Thani´s most famous attraction is undoubtedly the Ban Chiang Archaeological ... More

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Uthai Thani Uthai Thani
Uthai Thani is a province abundant in natural resources, such as forests and wildlife. "Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Reserve" here was proclaimed a Nautral World Heritage Site. Due to the verdant nature of the area, Uthai Thani is a province with unspoiled natural tourist destinations that are of intere... More

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